December 29, 2015

Street View 4 Business

“See Inside” with your

Google+ Business Listing ?

Today’s informed online  customers will most likely experience their first contact with your company through your Google Business Listing.

Your Google Business Listing should be as enhanced as you can make it.  A mini website with contact info, photos and a 360 Virtual tour.  Your next customer will find this through the following:

  • Google Searches  (global or local search)
  • Google Maps (local exploring an area or searching where to shop NOW!)
  • Google+ Listing

With a 360 Virtual Tour  user can immerse themselves in your business before visiting:

View this short video which explains the concept.

Make sure your volume is set!!

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The following video with explain Google Photos and the 360 Virtual Tour

Let us optimize your listing ad put your business INSIDE Google.

What your customers see if you don’t have a Google+ listing

This is how your ad looks without Business View

Without a Business View Listing

This is how your ad looks with Business View

With a Business View

We can do everything for you!

  • Create/modify your Google Business listing
  • Add your logo and photos **
  • Place you within the Google Maps world
  • Photograph and upload your 360 virtual tour
  • Add your Virtual Tour to your existing Website
  • Add your Tour onto your Facebook page

** We can take use your existing Business photos or we can shoot new updated photos.


Google + Listing verification benefits

Google commissioned Oxera to examine the extent to which additional
information in Google My Business listings (such as photos or opening hours)
can contribute to vibrant and growing communities through better linking
consumers and businesses. This report considers how this information could
benefit people and businesses, and estimates the potential size of these
effects using evidence from a recent survey by Ipsos MORI,1 economic
literature and statistical analysis. The main findings of the research are … read more.

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